Supported video codecs

In the following table I list all supported video codecs which can be used for RTP based streaming. Additionally, I have marked each tested codec with green text color. The results will be updated while the ongoing tests.

CodecReceiving RTPSending RTPSending SDPIETF RFC
DVYes (Source)NoNoRead RFC 6469
H.261Yes (Source)Yes (Source)YesRead RFC 4587
H.263Yes (Source)Yes (Source)YesRead RFC 4629
H.263+Yes (Source)Yes (Source)YesRead RFC 2190
H.264 AVCYes (Source)Yes (Source)YesRead RFC 3984
H.264 RCDONoNoNoRead RFC 6185
H.264 SVCNoNoNoRead RFC 6190
H.265/HEVCYes (Source)Yes (Source)YesRead RFC 7798
MPEG 2Yes (Source)Yes (Source)Read RFC 2250
MPEG 4Yes (Source)Yes (Source)YesRead RFC 6416
QuicktimeYes (Source)NoNo
TheoraYes (Source)Yes (Source)Yes
VC-1NoNoNoRead RFC 4425
VC-2 HQYes (Source)Yes (Source)YesRead draft 02
VP8Yes (Source)Yes (Source)YesRead RFC 7741
VP9Yes (Source)Yes (Source)YesRead draft 02
MPEG-TSYes (Source)Yes (Source)NoRead RFC 2250