Very often I need some test video material to check functionalities in software I write for companies or when I check FFmpeg functions. This always meant: search for a matching demo sample with the right codec. So, I decided to create some sample material by myself. The following table gives an overview about the resulting files.

Video codecVideo resolutionAudio codecLink
FFv1864 * 480MP3Download
H.261352 * 288MP3Download
H.263704 * 576MP3Download
H.263+862 * 480MP3Download
H.264 - libx264864 * 480MP3Download
H.264 - nvenc864 * 480MP3Download
H.265/HEVC - libx265864 * 480MP3Download
H.265/HEVC - nvenc864 * 480MP3Download
MPEG 2864 * 480MP3Download
MPEG 4864 * 480MP3Download
MS MPEG 4v2864 * 480MP3Download
VP8864 * 480MP3Download
VP9864 * 480MP3Download

The original file is located here. Every transcoding was done with default settings (no codec specific parameter optimization). The used movie is „big buck bunny“ with (c) copyright 2008, Blender Foundation /

If you need an additional video codec or different encoding settings, use the contact form on this page and send a request.